BTS fan edits scene from ‘Black Swan’ video alongside Natalie Portman film

Viewers quickly picked up on the creepy crossover

A BTS fan has stitched together a scene from the group’s new ‘Black Swan’ video with a moment from the Natalie Portman-starring film of the same name.

The Korean group shared the sinister visuals for their latest single earlier today (March 4), with many viewers rapidly picking up on the references to 2010’s Black Swan.

At one point in the clip, BTS member Jin clocks that his reflection isn’t moving as he dances in the mirror – as Portman’s ballet dancer character did in the movie.


In an attempt to highlight the parallels, one Twitter user shared an edit of the two scenes side by side – you can check it out below.

Commenting on the post, which currently has around 14,000 ‘likes’, many BTS fans expressed their horror and unease over what they had just witnessed.

“I’m fucking trembling literally my body is shaking uncontrollably lol send help,” said one viewer. Another wrote: “im srsly scared wtf.”

Elsewhere, other members of the BTS Army admitted they hadn’t seen Black Swan but would be watching once they had finished unpicking the K-Pop group’s new visuals.

“Well guess who’s gonna watch the movie tomorrow after we finished streaming,” another user commented.


You can see more reactions below:

According to a press release the ‘Black Swan’ video “depicts BTS transforming from swans into black swans on stage”, with their black and white clothing symbolising their changing alter-egos.

Upon its release, the song’s title began trending worldwide across social media. The clip has already amassed over 3.4 million hits on YouTube.

Meanwhile, BTS’s Map Of The Soul’ tour is due to kick off in Santa Clara on April 25. The run was originally scheduled to begin with four dates at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium earlier in April, however, those shows have now been cancelled due to coronavirus.

BTS will return to UK shores in July with two dates scheduled for London’s Twickenham Stadium.


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