BTS hint that a collaboration with Billie Eilish is on the way

Make it happen

BTS have hinted that a collaboration with Billie Eilish could be on the way.

At the Variety hitmakers brunch in Los Angeles on Friday (December 6), BTS and Eilish met and posed for photos together.

Later on, BTS retweeted a picture which included the caption “now here’s a collaboration we could get behind” fuelling speculation that the artists could work together in the future.


Back in April, BTS’ Jungkook specifically named Eilish as one of the artists that the band is hoping to collaborate with in the future.

Describing his love of her debut record, Jungkook said that “everyone should hear it.”

Yesterday (December 7), Halsey shared two new songs from her upcoming album ‘Manic’ including ‘SUGA’s Interlude’ – a collaboration with BTS member SUGA.

The US star wrote on Twitter that ‘SUGA’s Interlude’ and the second track, ‘Finally // Beautiful Stranger’, are “two very different songs” with “two very dreamy stories.”


Meanwhile, Eilish made her directorial debut earlier this week (December 5) via the music video for ‘xanny’.

The haunting video saw Eilish sat singing on a bench whilst hands appear out of shot and burn her face with cigarette ends. Eilish is dressed in all-white and appears against an all-white background. It’s the first music video Eilish has directed.

Speaking to the Guardian earlier this year, Eilish opened up about the inspiration behind the song. “I have never done drugs, I’ve never got high, I’ve never smoked anything in my life. I don’t give a fuck, I never have. It’s just not interesting to me. I have other shit to do,” Eilish said.