BTS member Jimin’s new merchandise line sells out within seconds

The collection's release also caused the Weverse Shop servers to crash

BTS member Jimin’s self-designed merchandise line has sold out almost immediately after being released earlier this week.

Earlier this month, HYBE launched their Artist-Made Collection by BTS, a merchandise collection featuring designs created by each member of the group. Jimin is the fifth member to launch his self-designed items, on January 18, following his bandmates Jin, RM, V and Suga.

According to Korea JoongAng Daily, Jimin’s Artist-Made Collection, which was released at 11am KST, also caused the server of HYBE’s Weverse Shop to crash almost instantly after a massive volume of users around the world attempted to access the site. The publication also noted that this had not happened with previous releases by other BTS members.


Jimin’s collection consisted of a purple “With You” hoodie that he had been spotted wearing on several occasions, as well as a pair of silver hoop earrings. The items were priced at ₩99,000 (about £60) and  ₩75,000 (£47) respectively, and had reportedly sold out within seconds.

With the strong demand for the Artist-Made Collection by BTS, their agency HYBE has said that it is “positively considering” releasing some more stock in the future, per Korea JoongAng Daily. “The decision will be announced soon at Weverse Shop,” it added.

After the launch of Jin’s self-designed merch collection earlier this month, the star personally took to community platform WeVerse to express his surprise over the prices of his items.


“I did ask them to use a nice material for the pyjamas… but even I was shocked at the price,” the vocalist wrote. His collection features a pillow that retailed for ₩69,000 (roughly £43), while the pyjamas sets were sold at ₩119,000 (roughly £74) each.

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