BTS’ Jin says solo track ‘Awake’ was a turning point for him as a musician 

“Until then, I hadn’t dared to try anything with our group songs”

BTS vocalist Jin has opened up about his journey as a musician and how his first-ever solo track, ‘Awake’, changed his mindset.

In a recent interview with GQ Australia, the 29-year-old K-pop idol shared that he reached a turning point while writing his first-ever solo track ‘Awake’, from the boyband’s 2016 studio album ‘Wings’. While Jin had been credited as a songwriter in a handful of prior releases, the singer revealed that ‘Awake’ has a different experience altogether.

“My first solo track ‘Awake’ was the first time I felt te desire to attempt something new as a musician,” Jin admitted. “My label gave me the chance to try my hand at writing music. Until then, I hadn’t dared to try anything with our group songs.”


Jin explain that he had not thought of getting hands on with BTS’ music because there were already “so many” talented people who had been working on it. “It didn’t even cross my mind to get involved,” he said.

However, the singer shared that he had decided to give it a go after he was presented with the opportunity to work on ‘Awake’, noting that “as I watched more and more members from our group work on their own music, I thought I should at least try”.

However, Jin also revealed that he is still “cautious” with regards to songwriting. “I hesitate to write about things I can’t completely relate to,” he explained. “There’s a part of me that can’t help wondering, ‘Do I have the right to write about this? Am I someone who truly embodies, and lives out, this topic?’ It’s something I have to consider deeply.”

The BTS member has written several tracks since 2016’s ‘Awake’, the most recent being his viral solo track ‘Super Tuna’. Jin released the upbeat trot tune earlier this month to commemorate his 29th birthday, alongside a hilarious “special performance” clip.