BTS Jungkook inspires Chipotle to change its name on social media

“It's chicotle from now on”

BTSJungkook has inspired American restaurant chain Chipotle to change its name on social media after a slip of the tongue in one of the group’s recent videos.

In a Bangtan Bomb episode that premiered on the group’s official YouTube channel over the weekend, the group was seen eating Chipotle bowls after their special sidewalk concert on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“What is this, Chicotle? Chipotle?” The vocalist said of the meal in Korean. “This is so good. I love this. I want to eat this every day.”


Not long after the behind-the-scenes clip went live online, Chipotle’s official Twitter account responded with “It’s chicotle from now on.” The restaurant’s social media then updated their display name and their header image to read “Chicotle.”

The restaurant’s Twitter account later tweeted “gm tannies” (BTS’ fanbase’s nickname for the group) following the display name change. As of writing, the members of BTS have yet to respond to Chipotle’s social media antics.


In related news, BTS have announced an upcoming soundtrack for 7Fates: CHAKHO, a new original webtoon based on the boyband.

According to HYBE, the group will be releasing a track titled ‘Stay Alive’ next month. The track, produced by rapper Suga and sung by vocalist Jungkook, is set to be released through the Webtoon platform on February 5 at 11am KST. ‘Stay Alive’ will subsequently be available through digital streaming platforms on February 11 at 2pm KST.