BTS’ Jungkook teases new music as friends and fans celebrate his 22nd birthday

Justin Bieber was among those to wish him many happy returns

Today (September 1) marks the 22nd birthday of BTS singer Jungkook – and to celebrate he’s teased fans with a snippet of a new song.

“Thank you for making me happy,” Jungkook wrote in a tweet. He then posted a short video that teased what appears to be new music from him.

“This… please wait for it,” the now 22-year-old wrote in Korean, sharing a snippet of an English-language song.


When I see you smile on the screen, you’re good at everything, you’re just perfect/ Feels like I’ve never been you,” he starts off the song. Listen to the clip below:

As BTS continue to be the biggest thing since One Direction, inspiring Beatlemania-style devotion amongst fans, whether it’s selling out Wembley Stadium, an album release, one of them lip-syncing to Billie Eilish, or, hell, if one of them made a cup of tea, their fans would be there, pom poms in hand and enthusiastically celebrating the moment. So of course they were going to make sure they were on hand to wish Jungkook many happy returns.

Justin Bieber was among those to send a birthday message. “Happy bday #JUNGKOOK . They ain’t ready 🙂 now watch this tweet go crazy,” the pop star tweeted.

Jungkook also received birthday messages from his BTS bandmates – read them below.


Here are some of the birthday tweets fans have been sending the BTS star:

Meanwhile, BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment has released a stunning trailer for a brand-new mobile game set in the BTS Universe.

The action-packed “concept art film” opens with a narrator uttering, in movie-trailer cadence, “When all our trials seem to be over, despair always awaits us”, while live-action footage of civil unrest plays out on screen. It then transitions to fantastical CGI sequences, featuring animated versions of members Jungkook and Jin. The clip closes with a dramatic question: “Where is the map of the soul to open the future?”