BTS’ Jungkook says he will drop new music by November

Meanwhile, bandmate Suga offered to write a song for Jungkook

BTS member Jungkook has shared that his next solo release will be another single, followed by a mini-album by November 2023.

In a new episode of BTS’ Suga’s talk show Suchwita, Jungkook appeared as a guest to discuss his recent solo debut with the single ‘Seven’ and his upcoming release plans. During the episode, the K-pop singer shared that he would be dropping his debut mini-album by November.

“I have another single. And then, I’ll be releasing a small mini-album by November,” Jungkook told Suga, who then asked if all the songs on the upcoming record are ready for release.


“No. I have to start working on them now,” Jungkook answered with a laugh, before adding that he was having a difficult time deciding on his next single. “I want a song like [‘Seven’] for my second single too, but I haven’t found it.”

In response, Suga offered to write a song for Jungkook, suggesting the singer release a Jersey club-inspired track. He later added that he had already written a song he could use, which Jungkook told him to send over.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jungkook shared that he might not have made his solo debut so soon if he had not heard ‘Seven’ and decide to record and release the track.

“The moment I heard it, I was like ‘I have to do this’. Without the song ‘Seven’, I might’ve still been on a break right now,” he said. “I was totally enjoying my time off, and this song got me started again.”

In a four-star review of the song, NME’s Rhian Daly wrote that ‘Seven’ “sets the bar pretty high for Jungkook’s solo era”, praising the combination of the singer’s vocals and “jagged nature of the sonics” in the track.

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