BTS’ Jungkook shares heartfelt cover of GSoul’s ‘Hate Everything’

GSoul has since praised the “amazing” cover

BTS vocalist Jungkook has unveiled his rendition of the 2019 GSoul (also known as Golden) song on Instagram.

On Thursday evening (February 3), the idol shared a clip of himself singing to the emotional, stripped-down track to his personal Instagram account. The singer opted to upload his vocals on top of a blank, black screen. ‘Hate Everything’ was originally released by GSoul in 2019 in Korean and English, with Jungkook taking on the English-language version of the track.

Hate that I’m singing this song / I hate that I have to be strong / Hate that you’re gone, I hate all my flaws / Hate that you love someone else / Hate everything, I just hate everything,” he sings in the minute-and-a-half long clip.


The original singer himself later responded to the cover during an Instagram livestream he had hosted while getting his nails done. “He sounds amazing. Shout out to Jungkook, man. He sounds so amazing singing my song, oh my God,” he said, in a clip archived by fans on Twitter.

“I’m extremely thankful to ARMY (BTS’ official fanbase). Good lord,” added GSoul with a laugh. The singer-songwriter later followed Jungkook and shared snippets of the cover on his Instagram stories.

In other BTS news, member Jimin has shared an update on his health following his recent COVID-19 diagnosis and surgery. The singer had been admitted to hospital on January 30 for abdominal pain and a mild sore throat, and was later diagnosed with acute appendicitis as well as the coronavirus.


Several days later, he took to fan community app Weverse to reassure fans. “I’m sorry for making you worry,” wrote the star. “However, I think I will be able to get discharged soon!”

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