BTS Meal causes sales of McNuggets to jump by 250 per cent in Korea

The meal also outpaced the Travis Scott meal in the first week of its U.S. launch

The launch of BTS‘ limited edition McDonald’s meal has resulted in a large increase in McNuggets sales in Korea, along with higher sales internationally.

According to a report by South Korean news outlet The Fact, the BTS Meal has sold over 1.2million sets since its release on May 27. The popularity of the meal has also caused sales of NcNuggets to skyrocket, with the daily average increasing by 250 per cent over the past four weeks.

The publication also pointed out that the BTS Meal’s sales numbers also mark the first time the fast food chain has sold over 1million units of a set consisting solely of side menu items.


Aside from South Korea, the BTS Meal has also been popular in international McDonald’s markets. According to Business Insider, restaurant visits to McDonald’s in the U.S were up by 12 per cent over the first seven days of release, outperforming the popular Travis Scott meal in 2020, which increased traffic by 9 per cent.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Philippines sold about 3.5million pieces of chicken nuggets on the launch day of the BTS Meal, per ABS-CBN. That number is roughly a 1,000 per cent jump from the chain’s daily average in the region.

However, the meal’s launch in Indonesia had forced the fast food chain to temporary close several outlets across the country due to a surge in orders that resulted in the violation of social distancing measures earlier this month. Similar concerns also arose in Malaysia upon its launch.

The BTS Meal, which was created in partnership with McDonald’s, consists of a Coke, medium fries, 10 Chicken McNuggets and new limited-edition chilli and sweet cajun sauces. The items were said to be “picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald’s South Korea”.

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