BTS on making music in English: “Language doesn’t matter to us that much”

"We want to transcend everything, even ourselves too," said RM

BTS have shared their desire to keep pushing the limit with their English releases, explaining that language “doesn’t matter to us that much”.

The group have released three English-language singles so far – ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’ – all of which have reached Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. During a new interview with TIME, the BTS members explained their stance on releasing English music.

“Language doesn’t matter to us that much like [it did in] the past, I guess,” said leader RM. “You know, we want to transcend everything, even ourselves too. I guess that’s the power of music.”


RM then went on to explain that regardless of “genre, language [and] topics”, the boyband do not plan on restricting themselves or their music, assuring that there are no “borders, boundaries or limits” when it comes to their releases.

BTS’ Jimin previously spoke to Weverse Magazine about the group’s success, saying that it has “stopped feeling real”. The singer went on to express his gratitude toward his fans’ support, noting, “the reactions from fans, the cover videos they uploaded and the dance challenges they did – I’m just so thankful for that. It lit up my life.”

Meanwhile, rapper Suga commented on how labels push their artists past their limits and how it was destroying the music industry. Noting that the music industry will need “a lot of improvements” in its treatment of artists, Suga suggested that labels should “actively accommodate the artist’s views about what they can and cannot do”.