BTS’ Suga says he wouldn’t re-record any of their songs: “I’d rather leave the original track as it is”

“Even though we may feel regret, even that, it’s all part of the process”

BTS rapper and producer Suga has shared that he would not want to re-record any of the group’s songs.

In the boyband’s recent ‘BTS Game Show’ interview video with Vanity Fair, the seven-member act played a game of ‘How Well Does BTS Know Each Other’. In the clip, each member took turns in the hot seat while their remaining bandmates tried to predict his answer to a question.

During Suga’s turn, the rapper and producer was asked the question: “If you could re-record one song, which would it be?” BTS’ leader RM then raised his hand, declaring “there are none”, to which Suga agreed.


“Because I think that even though we may feel regret, even that, it’s all part of the process,” explained the rapper. He then went on to point out that although re-recording processes are common in the Western pop world, he says reworks just don’t have the “same vibe as the original”.

“You can see that with songs from abroad, say, you upload a song onto SoundCloud, it goes viral, and then they re-record the song… It doesn’t have the same vibe as the original,” Suga said. “That’s why for me, I rather leave the original track as it is.”

Elsewhere in the video, dancer and rapper J-hope also revealed that he was afraid of the boyband’s future. “Because we’ve gotten too big? What if we become bigger?” Suga asked. J-hope responded: “We don’t know how far we will go. The fear of the future is a fear everyone has.”

In a previous interview with WeVerse, member Jungkook also expressed his feelings towards BTS’ success, revealing that it “feels like a burden”. “A huge number of people have given me recognition, so I’ve been going along thinking I have to work harder,” said the vocalist. “I think I ended up feeling weighed down.”