BTS ‘uninjured’ after being caught up in seven-car collision

All seven members are safe and well

BTS are said to be safe and ‘uninjured’ after being caught up in a seven-car collision while touring in Taiwan.

All seven members of the K-pop sensation were leaving the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, when a sudden stop caused seven cars to collide. However, the band are all said to be unharmed.

“After BTS finished their concert in Taiwan and were on their way to their lodgings, the artist car had a minor collision,” BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment told Soompi in a statement.”None of the members have any injuries and they got back to their lodgings safely, so there are no issues with their schedule.”


The band made history last week, as the first ever K-pop group to be nominated for a Grammy.

They made headlines last month following controversy when a Jewish human rights group condemned them after photos emerged that showed them posing in Nazi style hats.

Their agency responded and apologised by saying: “Big Hit bears all responsibilities for not providing the necessary and careful support to our artist that may have prevented these issues, and we would like to make clear that our artists, especially due to their extensive schedules and the complexities of on-site conditions, are in no way responsible for any of the issues.”