BTS’ V says the ‘Barbie’ movie had the “strongest impact” on him

The singer also discussed his upcoming debut record

BTS vocalist V has voiced his love for the recent Barbie movie.

During his cover shoot for W Korea’s September issue, the K-pop idol opened up about his upcoming solo debut record ‘Layover’, due out on September 8. The singer also discussed recent happenings in his daily life, sharing that the Barbie movie had left a strong impact on him.

When asked if he had watched any movies recently, V answered that he had seen Barbie, adding: “Truly, out of all the films I’ve watched recently, it had the strongest impact on me.”


The singer went on to share how his love for jazz music has influenced his upcoming record. “It would have been tricky to go right into standard jazz, so I worked very hard to bring out elements of the genre in a way that would appeal to the mainstream,” said V.

“The music would be best listened to when the sun is setting, while you’re going on a drive or when you’re on the way home from work,” he added.

He went also discussed his identity as V in regards to both BTS and his solo endeavours. “[BTS’ V], I think, is something very special to me, and V shines the brightest with BTS as a group. As a soloist, I want to show a different side of myself, so I have prepared a variety of new things,” he said.

“The members have worked really hard [on their solo releases], and I’ve truly realised that now that I am finally preparing to release my own solo album. It’s not easy,” he continued. “But at the same time, I think it makes things more fun and fresh, and I have lots to show ARMYs (BTS’ fanbase). I think I’ll be able to sleep well as long as ARMYs enjoy my album.”

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