Watch BTS’ V join Jungkook on stage to perform ‘Seven’

After ‘Seven’ took first place on South Korean music show 'Inkigayo'

BTSV recently joined bandmate Jungkook on stage to perform the latter’s solo single ‘Seven’.

During the July 30 episode of SBS’ music show Inkigayo, BTS’ Jungkook took first place with his new solo single ‘Seven’. As the singer was present for the episode, he remained on stage after his win was announced and began an encore performance of the song.

While only a small portion of Jungkook’s encore performance was aired, fans who were present at the studio for the live taping revealed that his bandmate V had actually joined him on stage to dance to the track during the encore segment.


In several clips uploaded by fans, V can be seen grooving to the song by the edge of the stage before his bandmate beckons him to join him and perform its choreography.

Meanwhile, BTS rapper Suga showed his support for Jungkook by inviting him as a guest on his online talk show Suchwita this week. During the episode, Jungkook shared that he plans to drop a new single and mini-album by November.

“I want a song like [‘Seven’] for my second single too, but I haven’t found it,” he said, sharing that he would have to start working on songs for the upcoming release soon.

Earlier this month, V was named as a new ambassador of French luxury jewellery brand Cartier. “[BTS’ V’s] distinctive characteristic as a dancer, musician and art enthusiast makes choices driven by his own creativity and shows his unique style and elegance,” the brand said of the ambassadorship.

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