Singer Joshua Todd talks to NME.COM about the forthcoming 'Timebomb' album...

BUCKCHERRY release their new album ‘TIME BOMB’ on March 21, and singer JOSHUA TODD has spoken to NME.COM about it.

Produced by Kid Rock and Sugar Ray producer John Travis, it was recorded at Los Angeles Sunset Sound studios.

“It’s more melodic from a vocal standpoint, we wrote more songs


this time. I love our first record, this is an elevation from that. We want to

build a career and want to go up with every record cycle and I think that’s what

we accomplished.”

Speaking about the song ‘Porno Star’, Todd revealed: “I saw this documentary about a porn star and I thought ‘Wow, who is this guy from the time he got up to when he went to work.’ What a crazy existence’. I put myself in there and just started writing.”

Another track, is, he claims, inspired by the “necessity” for groupies while on tour, which Todd reckons is well represented in the film ‘Almost Famous’, adding: “It kind of represented how necessary groupies are to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle because it gets so lonely out there. You see so much of it, not just your band but other bands and the crews. You need that love as you’re rolling in and out of town and the women come by to make you feel wonderful. The song ‘Time Bomb’ talks about how they only come around when you’re hot. If you’re alright with that, you’re going to be alright.”

Todd added that the struggle to be in a band helped inspire ‘Helpless’. “We went through a lot this year as a band. There are moments in your career where you just don’t want to get up in the morning. Before this started it was hard for me to get up sometimes. Everybody goes through that when you’re so over the whole fucking routine and you just want to stay here in bed. ‘Helpless’ is based on that.”


Prior to the album’s release, Buckcherry hit the road with Kid Rock and Fuel.

Todd also revealed that he is to make his screen debut in forthcoming film ‘The Salton Sea’, playing the role of Big Bill alongside the likes of Val

Kilmer, Meatloaf and Vincent D’ Onofrio. “I play kind of like a right hand man to a drug dealer named Pooh Bear, Vincent D’Onofrio, who deals crystal meth. They looked at me and said ‘You’d be great for the part.’ It just kind of fell in my lap. That whole situation introduced me to a whole new aspect of the creative process. I would never have put myself in that situation if it took

away from music. Music is everything to me, but the part was edgy, dark and

cool, so I did it. It’s a very small part.”

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