Protests have erupted over his reportedly homophobic lyrics...

Jamaican reggae artist BUJU BANTON has been banned from playing a gig in MANCHESTER after protests erupted over his reportedly homophobic lyrics.

The dance hall singer was due to play at the Bierkeller this evening (September 23), but police were forced to cancel the gig through concerns for public safety.

Greater Manchester Police say they cancelled the gig as the artists previous performances “suggest a likelihood of public disorder”.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Intelligence gathered about previous appearances of the artist and the implications of his previous performances suggest a likelihood of public disorder and the potential for disruption at his performances.

“Taking into account this intelligence and concerns from various agencies and community groups, the performance has been cancelled.

“Greater Manchester Police accepts the right to public freedom of expression but does not encourage anything which could cause possible hate or dissension within any community.”

Police were forced to cancel a Beenie Man gig in London earlier in the year after talks with officers from Scotland Yard, and fears for the safety of the public, reports the BBC.

A spokesman for the Bierkeller venue said: “We’re just here to put on gigs. We don’t get involved in the politics.”