Bullet For My Valentine declare Download set a career highlight

Band are 'pissed off' they missed KISS and Judas Priest

Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine played a riotous afternoon set at today’s (June 14) Download Festival.

Stepping onto the main stage at 5.30pm (BST) the band launched straight into ‘Scream Aim Fire’.

After the second track, lead singer Matt Tuck smiled at the gathered throng and said he wanted to see the crowd doing circle pits.

Tuck said: “Well, well, well, word up Donington. So here we are my friends on this sacred ground that is Donington Park and we’re all gathered here today for one reason and one reason alone, so before we start this next song I want to see circle pits boys and girls.”

The crowd cheered and complied. Then halfway through the track Tuck asked: “So Donington do you know what a wall of death is?”

The crowd all separated as the riff kicked in and chaos ensued which continued near the front of the stage throughout the entire set.

Pausing midway through the show, Tuck asked: “So who was here last night to see Judas Priest and Kiss?”

The crowd responded with a huge cheer, with Tuck admitting he was annoyed they’d missed last night’s Main Stage acts.

“I’m pissed off. We were doing a festival in Switzerland and we flew in this morning just to see you motherfuckers,” he explained.

The crowd responded with another cheer before the band launched into their next track, which saw plenty of head-banging from the group and moshpits down front – which had been brewing since the first song.

Just before their final track, ‘Waking The Demon’, an emotional Tuck said: “This is one of our highlight shows in our career so far, so thank you for being a part of it.”

He then continued by asking the crowd to make even more circle pits saying: “No more standing around…it’s time to get sweaty. Donington – we’ll see you next year my friends and we will be headlining!”

Bullet For My Valentine played:

‘Scream Aim Fire’


‘4 Words’

‘Tears Don�t Fall’


‘Say Goodnight’

‘Take It Out’

‘Eye Of Storm’

‘Hearts Burst Into Fire’


‘Hand Of Blood’

‘Waking The Demon’

Bullet For My Valentine spoke to NME.COM earlier. Check out the video below to see what they had to say.

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