Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck wants to collaborate with Metallica

"We could make beautiful heavy metal together," frontman admits

The lead singer of Bullet For My Valentine wants to collaborate with Metallica – and has admitted he’s ready and waiting for them to get in touch.

In a cheeky interview with NME.com, Matt Tuck said he believes the two groups “could make beautiful heavy metal together”. Directly addressing the metal legends’ lead singer James Hetfield, he put out the call, saying “boys, let’s make it happen. I’m here, I’m ready when you are”, though there’s a slight chance his appeal was tongue-in-cheek!

The Welsh rocker also said he’d love to show fans round his home town of Bridgend in west Wales. “I’ll show anyone around,” he said, singling out the town’s kebab houses as a particular treat. You can watch the interview here:


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Tuck, who is also the rhythm guitarist for the multimillion-selling four-piece, promised that he’d be game for a bit of karaoke with anyone who found him at it.

“If you catch me at karaoke, I’m probably very drunk and I’ll sing karaoke with anybody. If you’re up for it, I’d love to do that with you,” he joked.

Making his opinions clear on the American political scene, he confessed that the person he’d least like to be trapped on a desert island with is the extreme Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, “because he’s a douche”. He has more time for Barack Obama, however, admitting that he’d like to trade places for a day, to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Lucky for the Donald, Tuck confessed to being “a lover not a fighter”, and said he wouldn’t want to have a fight with anyone.


His band recently signed a major new worldwide deal with Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records. They’re about to embark on a massive tour of Japan and the US, following the release of their fifth album ‘Venom’ in 2015.