Bullet For My Valentine think new album will ‘solidify’ them as festival headliners

The band open up about their change in musical direction, being ready to headline festivals and feeling closer as a band

Welsh rockers Bullet for My Valentine have said that their new album, ‘Gravity’ will ‘solidify’ them both as a band and as festival headliners.

Speaking to Scuzz TV, frontman Matt Tuck also opened up about the band’s change in direction on their latest album, which sees more electronic elements alongside their traditional hard rock style.

Speaking about the new album, Tuck said:  “It’s the most interesting album we’ve ever written in many ways. It sounds sonically different from anything we’ve done in the past.”


“The way we’ve written the songs and executed them on the production side is very new and contemporary and different for us, but that’s made it a very interesting, stand-out record.”

Tuck added that the album ‘will solidify’ them as a band and that they now feel long overdue to headline festivals.

“We just want to write great songs. It’s what we’re focused on. Thankfully, we’ve had a very long and successful career so far, but I think there’s a lot better to come and a lot of years ahead of us, still. Should those phone calls come from the promoters for headlining these things, we’re definitely more than ready.”

“We’ve been playing arenas for a long time, we’ve headlined some festivals anyway. It just seems that we need to be a little bit more patient. I think ‘Gravity’ is the record that will solidify us as that band.”


Back in June, the band appeared at Download Festival following the release of their sixth studio album, ‘Gravity.’ Dealing with themes of mental health and anxiety, the band said ‘Gravity’ was one of their most “vulnerable” albums to date.

“It was more just using my outlet for music and songwriting as a way to kind of deal with stuff that was going on in my life and my head. It was my way of coping with it and it was my way of discovering a new way of writing a song and trying to make it as heartfelt and real and honest as possible.”

“It shows a far more vulnerable side to me that I’ve never shown…It wasn’t an easy decision because it does show massive vulnerabilities of my emotional side. But it has led to a great record and I think people are going to connect to in a way they’ve never connected to a Bullet record because of it.”

Whilst the new album has led to the band being closer, Tuck admitted that the change of direction has been hard for some of their fans.

“To kind of get a new style of writing and try not to rely on the band’s formula and sound from the past was a little bit difficult for some people to get onboard with.”

“It just required a lot of writing, a lot of being creative, letting our barriers down, creativity, musically, just having some fun with it and trying to discover something new. After about two or three months, it all started to come together quite nice.”

Bullet for My Valentine will play Alexandra Palace in London on 10 November, followed by a homecoming gig at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena on 11 November.


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