“Burn his muthafuckin’ ass!”: Snoop Dogg had the best reaction to ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

Snoop speaks for us all

Snoop Dogg has proved himself to be a passionate Game of Thrones fan after airing his brilliant reaction to the fantasy show’s divisive finale.

As the show drew to a close on Sunday night (May 29), viewers watched on as Jon Snow stabbed Daenerys Targaryen through the heart in a bid to prevent her becoming a tyrannical ruler.

While the shock death split fans right down the middle, it seems that no one was quite as upset as the West Coast rap icon.


In a video posted online, Snoop is heard saying: “Bitch ass n***a done killed the queen, cuz. I’m mad cuz.”

The best part comes as the rapper urges Drogon to react immediately to the death of his master.

“Burn his motherfucking ass! “Snoop says.

“Son of a fucking’ bitch.”

After voicing his opinion, Snoop then turns the camera to his face and explains his fury after belatedly watching the finale.


A scene from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 6

“I know I’m late, I don’t give a fuck,” he said. “I just got back home and I’m watching this fuckin’ Game Of Thrones. This shit piss me off.”

Responding on Reddit, one user said: “It’s official. The only thing that could ever get me to re-watch this show again is to have a directors commentary track featuring Snoop Dogg the entire time.”

Stranger things have happened – Snoop previously inspired a petition that campaigned for him to replace David Attenborough on ‘Planet Earth’.

This comes after Jason Momoa also expressed his anger at the final Game of Thrones episode.