Singer Gavin Rossdale reveals the news...

Bush guitarist NIGEL PULSFORD has left the band, according to singer GAVIN ROSSDALE.

The band have been touring in support of their current album ‘Golden State’ with ex-Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor, while Pulsford took time out to be with his family.

Now, Rossdale has said that although the pair haven’t fallen out, it is unlikely Pulsford will rejoin the group.

“He didn’t get kicked out” Rossdale told MTV. “He didn’t want to be on tour, and you can’t kick someone out that isn’t there. There was not a bad word, not any arguments. I respect him fully and think he’s a really talented, brilliant musician. It’s weird — it’s not like we’ve had a fight. It’s not musical differences; there are no differences.

“It just became really apparent that Chris was the way to continue. It started off really organically, in that he wasn’t going to replace Nigel.”

The singer said that he thought Pulsford had been “unhappy” in his last few months with the group. He continued: “The last few months when he was in, he was very unhappy. He never approached the subject with me, but I think he was quite unhappy touring and stuff. Everyone else knew, so it was quite a fractured environment to be in, whereas now it’s the happy-happy bus, so it’s fun.

“We’re having the best time we’ve ever had, playing and being with Chris. It’s like having a new member of your family, like adopting someone.”

The band are tentatively thinking of recording demos for a new album later this year.