Lead singer Gavin Rossdale tells nme.com why he made a political protest against the Austrian government at their gig there last week...

BUSH frontman GAVIN ROSSDALE has been telling nme.com about the reasons behind his onstage political protest during the band’s Austrian gig last week.

Rossdale sang a Jewish prayer at the band’s Austrian concert on Friday February 4 in protest at the country’s new right-wing government.

Rossdale offered the Hammotzi, a prayer for the breaking of bread, in solidarity for the 2,000 people attending the concert in Graz.

Earlier the same day, Austria’s new government, including the far-right Freedom Party of Joerg Haider, was sworn into power. The Freedom Party’s inclusion caused an international outcry and rebellion in Austria itself after Haider made comments downplaying Nazi war crimes and denigrating immigrants.

Speaking on his decision to speak out on the issue, Rossdale told