Gavin Rossdale reveals to nme.com that he has two weeks to finish writing...

BUSH frontman GAVIN ROSSDALE has exclusively revealed to nme.com that he has a fortnight left to finish writing the band’s new album.

Speaking during a brief lull in writing the album to carry out promotional duties for the single he has collaborated on with DJ and dance guru Jeremy Healy for the ‘Bleachin’ project, he said that Bush plan to start recording their next album in England by the end of the year, and said they were on the verge of signing a new UK record deal.

He said: “I’ve got to finish writing all the songs by October 9 because then we have to start rehearsing and then record it. I’ve got about 10 or 12 songs written. I need to write another four or five more, I want to write quite a few more. I’ve demoed a lot already.”

And he indicated that the next record will be more optimistic than Bush‘s earlier material. He said: “I can’t write another torturing myself, or of tortured music. The songs are much more of a celebration, acceptance. It just has to be dramatic enough, that’s just what it has to be. I’ve got some really good tracks coming. I wrote a couple of good songs [yesterday] and I feel great.” He added that he decided that this album would lay to rest difficulties the band have had with UK labels in the past. “A lot of the personnel has changed. Not within the band, just backroom stuff, the people that get your record out, get it together and help you.”

While the title of the album has been decided, he declined to reveal it, saying: “I have an album title, and I have a few song titles, but I don’t want to say what they are just yet. I can’t tell you about it yet, because I won’t shut up about it at the right time.

“I’m having meetings about the artwork, I wanted that to evolve simultaneously.”

Speaking about his collapse after a gig earlier this year in the US, Gavin said: “I’ve just been on tour so much that I collapsed from exhaustion and stuff. We’d been on tour and had mainly a brilliant time. But there’s a couple of bad things that happened that have made the news.”

He also revealed that he was dismayed that the band didn’t play any of the British festivals this summer. “I was pissed off, we should’ve played festivals in England. There was issues holding us out. If it were up to me, I would’ve done anything. If you play at night in the dark [at festivals] that’s the best slot, but if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.”

Speaking of his collaboration with old friend Jeremy Healy and his ‘Bleachin’ cohort , vocalist Amos – who reworked the track ‘Come Down’ from Bush‘s album ‘Sixteen Stone’, he said: “I don’t really know how that came about! I just supplied a song. There were no restrictions on what they could do. I was happy for them to have a go at anything.”

Gavin refuted rumours that he was in line to play the role of Jim Morrison in a forthcoming movie about The Doors, which were fuelled further after the band played a cover of ‘Break On Through’ at their London Shepherd’s Bush Empire gig during the summer. But he admitted that he would love to act should the right role present itself.