Watch Bush perform in an empty LA venue to celebrate release of ‘The Kingdom’

The 40-minute set featured four new songs

Bush have performed a special live-streamed show to celebrate the release of their new album ‘The Kingdom’ – watch below.

The Gavin Rossdale-fronted group dropped their eighth studio record last Friday (July 17), and marked the occasion by taking to the stage in Los Angeles yesterday (July 20).

Hosted by Kerrang!, the eight-song concert was filmed at an empty venue in the city – with Bush performing as a full band in front of moving visuals and lights.


The band played four songs from their new LP – ‘The Kingdom’, ‘Bullet Holes’, ‘Blood River’ and ‘Flowers On A Grave’ – as well as offering up past tracks ‘Swallowed’, ‘Everything Zen’, ‘Little Things’ and ‘Comedown’.

In a recent interview with NME, Gavin Rossdale was asked about the experience of releasing a new album during such uncertain times.

He explained: “It’s weird because the record is called ‘The Kingdom’. I was so sick and tired of self righteous, judging people. They’re just annoying. I imagined this utopia of like-minded people where they can just be free to express themselves, be cool, be funny, be interesting.

“It’s a refuge. We’re moving from limbo into this next shape. We’re truly seeing the most heroic people we know. It’s not the douchebags on billionaire boats – it’s cashiers and people going to work.


“Everything is upside down. It’s bizarre that the world has fallen into this paradigm. We’re living in something more surreal than any movie you’ve ever seen.”