Busta Rhymes agrees to anger management after throwing protein shake at man in gym

Rapper pleaded guilty in court

Busta Rhymes has pleaded guilty to harassment after being accused of throwing a bottle of protein shake at a man in a gym.

The rapper was arrested on August 5 and charged with a felony assault following the incident at a New York City gym. The incident took place at Steel Gym in the neighbourhood of Chelsea at around 8.30pm local time.

The US rapper and producer was accused of throwing a protein shake at a gym employee following a dispute. It is alleged that he threw a cardboard carton of strawberry-flavour protein drink at the man’s head, leaving the victim bruised.


Rhymes, real name Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr, has now pleaded guilty to harassment, with the charge downgraded from a felony.

“The criminal charges, especially charging him with a felony, was a bunch of bull,” the rapper’s lawyer, Scott Leemon told The New York Times. “Busta and I are glad the district attorney’s office agreed to drop all the criminal charges.”

As part of the punishment, Busta Rhymes has completed three days of anger management.

Late last year, Busta Rhymes suffered a bloody head injury after falling off stage during a New York gig.

Busta Rhymes’ next album ‘ELE 2 (Extinction Level Event 2)’ is expected for 2016, the sequel to his 1998 album ‘ELE (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front’. His last album was 2012’s ‘Year Of The Dragon’.