Busta Rhymes faces trial for assault

String of arrests sees judge withdraw plea offer

A New York judge has withdrawn an offer that would see Busta Rhymes remain free, following a recent arrest for driving with a suspended license.

Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Smith was apparently prepared to accept the offer of probation and community service from the court, as penalty for two cases in which he would plead guilty to misdemeanor assault. In one incident Rhymes is accused of beating his former driver, and in another he allegedly assaulted a fan who spat on his car after a show at Randall’s Island in New York in August 2006.

After the offer was withdrawn, Rhymes was offered a follow-up deal in which he would spend two years in jail and pay a $500 for the driving charge. He rejected the offer and will go to trial instead. It is expected to start on May 8.


As previously reported here, Rhymes was recently banned from shooting location scenes from his new movie ‘Order of Redemption’ after NYPD officials deemed his presence “too dangerous”.

He is currently refusing to co-operate with police regarding the fatal shooting of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez just over a year ago.

–By our New York staff.

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