The star pleads no contest after being accused of threatening a fan...

Busta Rhymes has pleaded no contest to an assault charge and been given six months probation by a US court.

The rapper – real name Trevor A Smith Jr – was also ordered to pay $300 (£162) in costs yesterday (March 23).

Busta Rhymes was accused of threatening fan Celine Giguere at a 2002 Massachusetts concert, after she allegedly touched his chin.

A police report said that he pushed the woman’s head into a table and threatened her, though the rapper claimed that he grabbed her hand and politely asked her not to do it again.

According to the report, Busta Rhymes said: “If you try touching me again, I’ll kill you.”

The star’s criminal record will be cleared if he completes the probation term, according to BBC News.

Giguere is due in court today (March 23) on an assault charge, filed by Busta Rhymes.