The rapper calls the website "one of the worst things ever invented"...

Busta Rhymes has described Napster as “one of the worst things that was ever invented”, threatening “if they touch my music, it’s going to get dealt with accordingly” – even though there are currently hundreds of Busta Rhymes tracks, including his forthcoming single, available on the site.

Speaking in an interview with [url=]www.mtv.com, Rhymes said: “I think the whole Napster thing is horrible. I think that it’s probably one of the worst things that was ever invented, and at the end of the day, if they touch my music, it’s going to get dealt with accordingly.

“I’m pretty sure they don’t really give a fuck. But for those that don’t care, there are consequences. If they continue to do what they do, knowing how disappointed the artists are – credible, top-of-the-line dons in the game that have an issue with it – and if they going to disregard all of that, then justice is a reward. They will be dealt with accordingly.”


Rhymes‘ comments come as nme.com can reveal that there are currently hundreds, if not thousands of Busta Rhymes songs available on [url=]www.napster.com. Also readily available are MP3 files of his forthcoming single ‘Get Out’, which isn’t released in the UK until July 10.

A UK spokesperson for the rapper was unable to comment on the current situation.

Busta Rhymes has joined artists including Metallica, Dr Dre and Eminem in speaking out against the site and in defence of their copyright.

In other news, Busta Rhymes has been confirmed to tour with Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys in the US as part of the ‘Rhyme and Reason 2000 Tour’ which starts on August 2 in Toronto and ends in Indianapolis on August 21.

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