Busta Rhymes allegedly throws tantrum in Miami burger restaurant – for receiving sauce on the side

Rapper reportedly used homophobic language after staff refused to let him skip the queue

Busta Rhymes reportedly “freaked out” in a Miami burger restaurant after his burger was served to him with the sauce on the side, not in the burger as he prefers.

The rapper was dining at Cheeseburger Baby in Miami at around 6am yesterday (April 3) where it is claimed that he demanded to be served ahead of all the other diners before becoming aggressive when his food did not arrive as he had hoped. Stephanie Vitori, Cheeseburger Baby owner, spoke to Miami New Times about her experience with the fast-paced rapper, accusing him on using homophobic language during his tantrum.

“We have had everyone from Jay-Z to Anthony Bourdain eat at Cheeseburger Baby,” Vitori said. “Never have we had a problem with a celebrity. That changed last night. He got very upset when we wouldn’t take his order first when he was the last one to come in. We treat everyone as equals here at CBB. You can’t skip the line of ten people waiting in front of you.”

After failing to get served first, Busta left the restaurant and waited in his car for his food. However, upon receiving the meal he became enraged and made his way back into the restaurant; “He came back in the restaurant and started becoming outwardly angry. He was calling our delivery driver Santiago a ‘fag’ multiple times, and me a ‘bitch’ and [telling] me ‘to shut the fuck up’ because we put his salt, pepper, ketchup, and mayo, that he asked for, on the side.”

Talking about the Cheeseburger Baby serving policy, Vitori said: “On the side is just how we do it. We don’t want your burger getting soggy!”

Busta Rhymes is yet to respond to the reports of the incident.