For £125 you can buy The Libertines a brick

Well, they've got to finish building that hotel somehow, right?

After revealing the name of their new Margate hotel The Albion Rooms at the beginning of this year, The Libertines have a fairly creative way for fans to get a slice of the endeavour.

For the grand sum of £125, you can buy a personalised brick in the hotel’s designated recording studio. According to the band’s website it’s “the unique chance to be immortalised into Libertines history with your very own brick in our recording studio. Once finished, you’ll receive images of your brick in situ and as part of the overall finished wall.”

In a new update, The Libertines have announced a price cut (the bricks were previously priced at £200 each) and some additional enticing extras.


“Henceforth the Bricks will be priced at £125, but will also include a photograph of your brick signed by the band AND an invite, for those who can make it, to a special pre launch event at the Albion Rooms Hotel Margate…where you’ll be able to see your brick in person,” their website says.

An opening date for the five storey, 10-room property is yet to be revealed. Frontman Pete Doherty has been teasing plans for the hotel since 2016.

The group succeeded in acquiring a building the following year, though plans for The Albion Rooms unnerved local residents.  “Inspired by the celluloid co-habitation antics of the Beatles and the Monkees, Carl, Gary, John and Peter had been looking for a creative home: a living art space, a Warholian factory, with guest rooms, a bar and studio,” reads a press release.