Got £5m? You could buy Noel Gallagher’s much-storied Supernova Heights (from David Walliams)

And then stand up beside the fireplace, take that look from off your face

Got £5.35 million quid to spare, and fancy living in Noel Gallagher’s old house? Well, now you can, thanks to David Walliams.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge bought the five storey property thirteen years ago for the sum of £3.25 million, and is now selling the house. In the Nineties it was owned by Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, who threw notoriously raucous parties in the Belsize Park house.


Known as Supernova Heights, Gallagher’s house became a regular destination for debauchery. “Raucous parties were commonplace, and drunken guests were regularly seen spilling out of the house, Supernova Heights,” The Guardian reported in 1999. “Fans milled around seven days a week, and loutish groupies staggered around in drunken stupors.”

Speaking to the paper after Noel Gallagher finally moved out of the property to relocate to Hertfordshire, a former neighbour recounted seeing the star’s brother Liam Gallagher at one of the infamous gatherings.  “He was walking around, swearing at anyone who passed him in the street,” they said. “He was obviously drunk, the way he was waving a large bottle of beer – and threatening to throw it at anyone who said anything.” Gallagher sold Supernova Heights for £2m, and the price soon rocketed. David Walliams later paid £3.25 million for the house.

Since moving into the property, David Walliams has restored the Victorian façade on the front of the house, and has also created vaulted rooms by removing ceilings and floors. According to a listing on Marcus Parfitt, the property also boasts a large roof terrace, a dedicated guest cloakroom, a south facing garden, three bedrooms, and “a spectacular triple volume entrance hall.”

In the grand scheme of things, £5.35m in exchange for a slice of rock history is a bargain. In 2013, Kenwood – the mock Tudor house where The Beatles’ John Lennon wrote majority of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club – went on the market for £13m.