For $490,000, you can co-own a Prince track

Probably the most romantic gesture you can make on Valentine's

One of Prince’s early collaborators has reportedly released his songwriting credit for the track “Soft and Wet” up for sale to the public.

Chris Moon started working with Prince while he was high school and the two partnered up with Moon, providing music to the producer’s lyrics. Moon allegedly taught Prince how to record, produce and make his own demo tapes.

“Soft and Wet” was Prince’s first solo single, released in 1979 for The Purple One’s birthday.


According to the Star Tribune, the songwriting credit was put up for auction on eBay with a ‘Buy It Now’ prince of $490,000. It does come with free shipping, though.

The online ad reads: “Co-own a Prince song with Prince!”. Moon said of the unusual auction: “Nobody has ever done anything like this before that I know of, so I understand why some people don’t believe it.”

He justified the sale, saying that after four decades Moon has enjoyed his time with the track but “would now like to see someone else get the same enjoyment out of it. I’m nearing retirement age, so I’m selling off some of my assets”.

Listen to Prince and Chris Moon’s “Soft and Wet” below.


Meanwhile, Prince‘s sister has said whether the late star would have been angered by Justin Timberlake‘s Super Bowl tribute.

She said that while fans may have their own opinions of what Prince might have felt, her brother wasn’t one to hold grudges.

Prince and Timberlake famously clashed over the song ‘SexyBack’, when Timberlake mocked Prince during the 2007 Golden Globes. Of Prince’s spat with Timberlake, Nelson said: “He said what he said and kept it moving”.