There’s been a huge demand for ‘Shut up, Morrissey’ merchandise since that interview…

This Charming Bag...

Following the reaction to a recent controversial interview by Morrissey, hundreds rushed online to purchase merchandise urging him to shut up.

This week, the former Smiths turned solo star made headlines in a divisive interview in which he discussed accusations of racism, referred to Hitler as ‘left wing’ and said that London Mayor Sadiq Khan “can not talk properly“.

So strong was the reaction, that Manchester’s Verity Longley re-started production on tote bags baring the message “Shut up, Morrissey” after they sold out last year. The 32-year-old initially designed the bags after hearing The Smiths being played too loudly from a festival near her house, but was encouraged to bring them back after being inundated with messages this week.


“Me and my friend were just, ugh, shut up,” she told the BBC. “And then it made us laugh. And we thought, actually, this is quite funny and he really does need to shut up.”

She continued: “As soon as he has an interview, I get messages, and yesterday I had quite a lot of messages. And I went, you know what, why not?

“I couldn’t believe what he said yesterday. Like all the stuff he said about the way Sadiq Khan speaks. That’s the way I speak! It’s just British.”

Ms Longley received over 500 orders in just 48 hours, and donated the £1,730 profit to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund – which helps the victims of the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert last year.


Demand has been so high that the totes are already currently sold out, but will be available in a variety of colours here when back in stock.

Responding to critics of the bags, Ms Longley Tweeted: “For anyone who isn’t impressed by the totes a) it was just a joke to start & I only responded to people asking for more, 2) look at all the money they raised!, d) chill out, it’s a bit of fun.”

The controversial interview also saw Morrissey discuss why he can no longer listen to The Smiths, as well as David Bowie, Brexit, the upcoming UK elections and his continued battle against animal cruelty.

Defending his comments in the interview, Morrissey said: “Nothing I say is provocative. They are just facts.”