Buzzcocks to re-release debut EP alongside demos album

‘Spiral Scratch’ and ‘Time’s Up’ are due out January and March respectively, via Domino.

Buzzcocks have announced plans to reissue their debut EP, 1977’s ‘Spiral Scratch’.

Initially self-released via their own New Hormones label, the EP celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. It’s due out on a limited 300 copy 7” run via Domino on January 27.

The band will also release ‘Time’s Up’, an official collection of demos, bringing together clips from their first ever recording session, which took place in 1976 at Stockport’s Revolution Studios, recorded by singer Howard Devoto. The latter will be pressed on 12” heavyweight black vinyl, out March 10.

Both releases are being combined in a box set, titled ‘Buzzcocks (mk.1) Box’. Documenting the group’s first steps, the box set also includes reprinted posters and flyers from a 1976 tour, and a reimagined version of Manchester ‘zine Shy Talk.

Domino has also shared footage from the group’s 1976 shows at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall. Watch below.

The group’s most recent LP, ‘The Way’, came out in 2004. To mark the 40th anniversary of punk in 2016, Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle claimed the movement’s origins existed in Manchester, not London. He cited The Sex Pistols’ gig at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, in June 1976, telling SideStory: “We brought The Pistols to Manchester, and we put the provinces on the map,” adding: “A lot of people think that punk and The Sex Pistols started in London, but it wasn’t until they got to Manchester that they realised there was a scene going on. You know, they say Jesus was born in Bethlehem – well punk was born in Manchester. Those early gigs crystallised it all.”