C.A.P to depart from TEEN TOP, the boyband’s label confirms

The boyband had been set to make a comeback after a four-year hiatus

South Korean musician C.A.P will no longer be a member of the K-pop boyband TEEN TOP.

The boyband’s label TOP Media announced C.A.P’s departure from the group today (May 11) in a statement on their official website. The agency said that the decision came after a “discussion with the TEEN TOP members” and takes effect as of today.

“Accordingly, Teen Top will reorganise into a four-member system with Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo,” TOP Media added, as translated by Soompi. “We will inform you of the details regarding the comeback after thorough discussion with the members.


In its statement, TOP Media also offered an apology for C.A.P’s recent controversy: “We once again deeply apologise for causing concern to many people through C.A.P’s rash words and actions. The agency strongly feels responsible for this entire situation, and we promise to do our best to manage our artists.”

Earlier this week, C.A.P drew criticism for a livestream he had held on May 8, per Koreaboo. During the live broadcast, the singer was seen smoking and swearing in front of the camera, and also spoken about how he had been thinking about not participating in TEEN TOP’s comeback.

Meanwhile, C.A.P has also addressed the situation on his personal Instagram account. “I would like to apologise to the many people who have been hurt by my words and actions. Even though I was aware that there could be a controversy, I only thought of myself and acted selfishly,” he wrote, as translated by Koreaboo.

“I am sorry to my [members] and the company for my immature behaviour and I apologise to the fans who must have been embarrassed by my actions. I hope there is no more damage to TEEN TOP, the members and the company staff who have been working hard for the comeback,” he added.


Last month, TOP Media had confirmed that TEEN TOP would make their first comeback in four years after a sudden resurgence in popularity following an appearance on the MBC’s variety show How Do You Play?.

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