Cabbage: ‘Donald Trump being allowed a state visit will make no f**king difference’

They also have some choice words for Theresa May and the Tories

Cabbage have spoken out against US President Donald Trump – but said that him making a state visit will ‘make no fucking difference’.

The band, named as one of NME’s best new artists to watch in 2017, are set to perform on the NME Awards Tour and were recently added to Reading & Leeds Festival. As they continue to work on their hotly-anticipated debut album, we caught up with outspoken and political frontman Joe Martin to ask his opinion on the proposed upcoming state visit from Donald Trump.

“What fucking difference is it going to make if he’s allowed, or if he isn’t allowed?” replied Martin. “We live in an age where media is shared within seconds; we’re all well aware of his fucking massive ugly face ’cause we see it every single day anyway. So whether he’s allowed to cross the borders, that’s a petty argument and it’s just an elaborate way of distracting us from what he’s actually doing…


“Theresa May doesn’t fucking actually give a shit – she’ll do anything to kind of protect herself, so it doesn’t make a difference. He’s going to do what he wants to do.”

Speaking on his views on preserving the NHS, as reflected in their song ‘Necroflat In The Palace’, Martin said: ““I think the NHS is hugely important and the fact it’s being, well, privatised and pulled apart and kind of slandered by fucking tabloid press is just fucking absolutely vile. We don’t wanna end up in a country where the health care isn’t available to people who society have just abandoned. That’s just fucking disgusting. It’s not right.

“I don’t think our politicians can walk down the street and feel morally comfortable with themselves when you’ve got legions of homeless people who need support. And if it got to the point where these people have had absolutely no access to health care, it’s fucking terrifying. It’s a backwards ideology, it’s disgusting. It’s just another example of Tories kind of looking after themselves, really.”

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Cabbage will be performing with Blossoms on the upcoming NME Awards Tour 2017. See full tour dates below. Tickets are on sale now and available here.


Keele, University Ballroom (March 16)
Liverpool, Olympia (March 17)
Brighton, Dome (March 18)
Lincoln, Engine Shed (March 20)
Exeter, Lemon Grove (March 21)
London, The Roundhouse (March 23)
Bristol, O2 Academy (March 24)
Cardiff, Tramshed (March 25)
Norwich, The Nick Rayns LCR UEA (March 27)
Birmingham, O2 Academy (March 29)
Leeds, O2 Academy (March 30)
Newcastle, O2 Academy (March 31)
Glasgow, O2 Academy (April 1)