California, here we come: Phantom Planet are back

The band have announced their first public show in seven years

Phantom Planet have announced their return with their first public show in seven years.

The Los Angeles band, famed for huge hit ‘California’ which soundtracked the TV show The O.C., played a secret private show back in January in Beverley Hills – their first gig since 2012.

Now they’ve declared that their hiatus is officially “over”, and that they’ll be playing the Hanson curated Hop Jam festival. On May 19, you can catch the band performing at the free all ages music and beer festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma


It is yet to be confirmed whether or not the band are working on new material, having not released an album since 2008’s ‘Raise The Dead’.

The band famously featured the actor Jason Schwartzman on drums until his departure in 2003. He has remained active in music, releasing three solo albums and recording scores for TV as well as collaborating with the likes of Phoenix.

Asked if his departure from the band was due to a ‘crossroads’ in his career, Schwartzman told Complex: “No, not at all, actually. It was not that intellectual. It was, ‘I don’t think that being in a band right now is going to be the best thing for me’. It was all kinds of reasons. It wasn’t selfish, like, ‘OK, I got what I need from this, goodbye’.

“Obviously, the band kept going for a while, so they clearly wanted to keep doing it. It just was what it was, it just happened.|


Back in 2009, members of Gomez, Phantom Planet and Maroon 5 teamed up to form the supergroup Operation Aloha.