“Call it a blessing”: Michelle Williams on reuniting with Destiny’s Child at Coachella

"Everybody was pushing each other to do and be their very, very best."

Michelle Williams has opened up on the Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella, and how the iconic girl group undertook extensive rehearsals for their surprise appearance during Beyonce’s headline set.

The three-piece appeared together for the first time since 2015 during the first weekend of Coachella, delivering ‘Say My Name’, ‘Soldier’, and ‘Lost My Breath.

“Let’s call it a blessing. Beyoncé and Kelly — they’ve been in the game for, what, 23 years?”, she told the LA Times of their reunion.


“Me just 18 years. And when people see us together they still lose their minds! People are asking, “When y’all gonna tour? When y’all gonna put out new music?” It’s been 14 years since we’ve had an album together, and people are still asking.”

She also described how she was overawed after arriving to the first rehearsal and discovering the true extent of Beyonce’s elaborate plans for the performance.


“Initially I was like, ‘Bey, just go out there and have fun. People are gonna be so excited to see you.’

“And then I walked into rehearsal for the first time and saw this big old pyramid and that it was gonna be filled to the brim with humans. I said, ‘What in the bejesus is this? I told you just to go have fun!’ But she can never do anything that we would think is normal. And this is what’s fun for her.”

Discussing the rigorous rehearsals, she added: “Everybody was pushing each other to do and be their very, very best. When Beyoncé does something, it’s because she knows that if she can do it, everybody else on the stage can do it. Somebody might have to rehearse a little longer than others or go over the music parts a little longer.


“But she shows that you put the work in, and I know that however many people were onstage — 150, 200 — I know they’re all gonna go home and their lives are gonna be changed because they saw her work ethic.”

And while a full-time reunion might not be on the cards, the group’s close proximity means that they’re always able to discuss plans with each other.

“I just moved to L.A. full-time in January, and I’m so happy to finally move to where the girls are”, Williams said.

“Kelly is a four-minute drive from me; I think Bey is 17 minutes exactly. So we can get together any time, whenever we want to.”