Callum Beattie sleeps rough in Glasgow to help tackle homelessness

"It’s a big eye-opener, even just one night"

Callum Beattie slept on the streets of Glasgow over the weekend as part of a campaign to tackle homelessness in Scotland.

The Edinburgh singer-songwriter participated in the ‘Sleep rough in 5 different cities for 5 weeks‘ fundraiser, which was set up by non-profit charity Steps To Hope. At the time of writing, the JustGiving page has raised £10,625.

“It’s a big eye-opener, even just one night,” Beattie said of the experience. “The way that people look at you and treat you. I just had the worse fucking sleep of my life, you walk into a coffee shop and you get greeted like you’re a piece of fucking shit.


“I think the world is full of horrible little bastards, and even when I was begging on the streets, it’s just like, folk are walking past you saying ‘yuk’, honestly it’s fucking vile. Unbelievable really.”

Later, the singer said that he was “feeling pretty positive again” having completed his 24 hours. “We’ve raised a lot of money and a lot of awareness,” he added.

You can see Beattie’s posts below.

Steps To Hope, which supports the homeless and those suffering from addiction, said it was “absolutely delighted” to have Beattie onboard alongside founder and operations manager Richie Roncero.


“Both Callum and Richie for the first 24 hours will experience what it is truly like to be homeless and relying solely on the public to eat etc,” organisers wrote on the JustGiving page.

“From there Richie will continue on with the fundraiser and complete a full 5 weeks sleeping rough in 5 different cities. This is a massive task ahead for both guys so please please show your support and donate generously.”

You can donate and find further information here.

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