Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard says his band Calpurnia are “constantly writing”

He talks the upcoming EP, how he met his bandmates and out of tune guitars

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has opened up about his band, Calpurnia, ahead of the release of their debut EP.

The young actor has branched out with his music since enjoying his breakthrough role in the hit Netflix show and earlier this month, Calpurnia released their debut single.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on his Beats 1 show, Wolfhard explained how he wanted to take advantage of his Stranger Things success to promote the bands he loves. “I did Stranger Things and that blew up so I took that to my advantage and I wanted to put on a mini festival, music festival, and got a bunch of bands together,” he explained.

“I realised at the last second “I need a band as well”. So I called up all these guys and the bassist Jack, I met him briefly… I just said “I know I’ve only met you once but let’s all jam and see where it goes, and if it’s good then let’s go to LA and do the show together.”

However, he adds that he’s known the other members since he was young. “I’m from Vancouver, Canada and so I grew up with all these kids and knew them from around. I knew the drummer Malcolm from one of the first acting jobs I did weirdly, we met acting together and I found out he played drums and I played bass at the time so we just gravitated towards each other a lot,” he said.

“Then we both met the lead guitarist Ayla in a summer camp and found out she plays guitar and she’s amazing!”

Despite getting his band together at the last minute, Calpurnia’s first appearance at Wolfhard’s music festival didn’t quite go to plan.

“Ayla and I went outside because we couldn’t hear anything to tune our instruments and I guess the heat from going outside to inside completely put our guitars out of tune so when we plugged in it sounded the worst, ” he explains. “But the last 2 songs were good! That was an incredible set and the whole night was amazing and we just realised that we could do this together for a long time.”

With Stranger Things Season 3 reportedly underway, Wolfhard was asked how he manages to keep Calpurnia in his schedule. “We’re all writing constantly. We all have this big Dropbox and group chat of riffs and stuff,” he added.

“While I’m in Ireland we’ve all written a bunch of different new songs hopefully for the next thing. It’s so easy. I’m so lucky because it definitely would not be the same way if it was 2006. I just saw a video of this guy who records all of his music… – he made the beats for some of Kendrick Lamar’s stuff – but he records all of his music on an iPhone.”

Calpurnia’s debut single ‘City Boy’ was recorded with Twin Peaks singer Cadien Lake and is out now via Transgressive and Canadian label Royal Mountain Records (who have previously released music from Alvvays, Mac DeMarco, METZ and more).