Calpurnia share new video for ‘Greyhound’

Directed by PUP collaborator Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Calpurnia have released a new video for their latest track ‘Greyhound’. Fronted by Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard, the track is taken from the band’s debut EP, Scout.

The visual was directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux who previously cast Wolfhard and fellow Calpurnia member Macolm Craig in PUP‘s 2014 video for ‘Guilt Trip’.

It marks the third time that Wolfhard has worked with Schaulin-Rioux, with the frontman claiming that Calpurnia wouldn’t exist without him.


“If Jeremy hadn’t cast me and Malcolm in PUP’s “Guilt Trip” video back in 2014, I doubt Calpurnia would even exist, Wolfhard said. “He was not only instrumental in the genesis of our band, but he established what for me is the ideal tone on set. To have it all come full circle with Jeremy directing our “Greyhound” video, it really is kind of amazing. I mean, I don’t think you could actually write this story, because no one would believe it. This is the third video I’ve worked on with Jeremy, but with his imagination and energy so infectious, I very much doubt it will be the last.”

Watch the new video for ‘Greyhound’ below.

Speaking of his collaborations with the actor and musician, Schaulin-Rioux jokes that he thought he had ‘scarred Wolfhard and Craig for life’ following their roles in the PUP video. “Six years ago Malcolm, Finn and I (and Chandler Levack) worked on our first music video together, where they played these wild young versions of our pals in the punk band PUP,” he said.

“It was a super gnarly, bloody, freezing rain soaked shoot held together by a crew of maniacs, especially this incredible gang of young (they were only eleven and twelve year olds then!) dudes who came together for one day and somehow turned into a ferocious punk band. They were both like five feet tall already inspiring and scary.

“I thought we’d scarred them all for life, but a few years later we reunited to do a sequel,” he adds. “That was when I heard that Malcolm and Finn had actually started their own band (and they recruited Ayla to come out to the shoot as well), and, of course, they’re great and rocking and different from anything you’d expect.


“Being in the crowd to see the fully formed Calpurnia (with Finn, Malcolm, Ayla and now Jack!) smashing out their own music to sell-out crowds, and especially getting to work with them on this music video, has been a surreal full circle and one of the most proud times I’ve ever had in filmmaking. They go super hard and still manage to be a dope squad to hang out and be on set with!”

Calpurnia’s debut EP ‘Scout’ is out now on ParadYse/Transgressive Records and Royal Mountain Records.