Calvin Harris plans house party extravaganza

One fan will get him performing in their living room

Calvin Harris is attempting to set a new world record for the most house parties happening simultaneously from Bournemouth to Dumfries.

Harris will take part in the festivities on August 18, embarking on a party crawl that will end with an acoustic set at one lucky fan’s house.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, he said: “I haven’t been to a good old-fashioned house party in years, so this whole idea is basically a mechanism for me to do that.


“Obviously I’ll be playing a song or two, but my main motivation behind this is to eat all the lucky winner’s crisps and fall asleep on their sofa. I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.”

The fan who created the “most inspired and creative” party will get a home performance from Harris and get £1,500 in prize monkey.”

They can enter at []