Calvin Harris responds to ‘irresponsibility’ party claims

Singer hits back over August 18 house party day

Calvin Harris has released a [url=]video of himself responding to claims of irresponsibility.

The singer had been criticised for encouraging fans to organise house parties on August 18.

Fears were raised that the parties could be gatecrashed by trouble-making strangers reading about them online.


“People have got very upset because they think I’m encouraging you to trash your mum and dad’s house,” said Harris. He sarcastically added: “I’ve taken steps to tell you how to party in a responsible manner.”

“Only invite your friends,” he went on to say. “I made this mistake [of inviting non-friends] once. I invited someone who wasn’t my friend, and he ended up killing all the party-goers.

“Only drink if you’re over 18,” he continued, before adding, “I’ve got to level with you. I’ve been coerced into doing this.

“I know you’re not stupid enough to invite people you don’t know, ply 13 year-olds with drink and let Jane’s big brother shag John’s mum behind the sofa.

“I hope you enjoyed this educational video. Take care of yourself and each other.”

You can see Harris’ video on his [url=]MySpace page.