Calvin Harris joins Nicole Sherzinger in Nice for The X Factor

Harris dubs judges’ villa ‘Quite nice’ on show he’d branded ‘a joke’

Calvin Harris has been confirmed to join the judges’ houses on The X Factor, seven years after being banned from the show and calling it “a joke”.

Harris will join judge Nicole Sherzinger on the ITV show in its current series.

In a video on his Snapchat, Sherzinger says to camera: “We’re just chilling here in my villa in the South of France,” to which Harris replies: “Quite nice.”


It marks a turnaround for Harris, who was barred from the show by Simon Cowell after invading the stage during a performance by Jedward in 2009. While Jedward covered Queen And David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’, Harris held a pineapple to his head and slapped his buttocks, leaving the stage before security reached him.

After the incident, Harris tweeted his dismissal of the show, writing: “I was inspired to make a mockery of the show. It’s a joke, and I think it should be treated as such. For the greater good of the nation, I wanted to make an idiot of myself to bring the show into another kind of arena in which it’s treated as a joke. It’s not a music competition.”

Cowell “banned” Harris from the show, while judge Louis Walsh branded the DJ “an idiot”.

The show’s other confirmed mentor at the judge’s houses is Alesha Dixon, who will help Walsh at his Ibiza home.

Harris, who recently headlined Creamfields, is playing his residency at Las Vegas until November 11.


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