Calvin Harris rages at GMTV for not playing ‘Flashback’

Scot calls the ITV show a 'beige death hole' via Twitter

Calvin Harris has used Twitter to express his disappointment at not being allowed to promote his single on breakfast TV show GMTV.

The Scottish musician revealed that his latest single ‘Flashback’ was considered “too dancey” by the show. Harris‘ first tweet on the matter outlined his belief that the song would be a good wake-up call for viewers.

GMTV won’t let me on their exceptionally dull programme to do ‘Flashback’ because i’m ‘too dancey’!” he wrote. “IT’D WAKE YOUR VIEWERS UP. FUCK GMTV.”

Later, when fans asked why he cared about appearing on a programme such as GMTV he responded: “A lot of people saying, ‘Why would you want to go on GMTV?’ – PROMOTION – People need to know you have a record out!”

He then went on have a dig at ‘The X Factor’: “Anyway fuck em, they can give all these X Factor people EVEN MORE TV time, why not, you boring non-risk taking beige death hole DEATH DEATH.”

His last tweet concerning the matter saw the singer threatening to force his way into the GMTV studio and set fire to one of the show’s presenters.

“Look out @GMTV i’m breaking in tomorrow,” he wrote. “I’ll be the guy wearing the FLASHBACK T-shirt, setting fire to BEN SHEPHERD‘S TIE AND HAIR”