Calvin Harris rages against mystery review on Twitter

Singer/producer goes keyboard crazy at journalist

Calvin Harris has raged against a mystery review of his new album ‘Ready For The Weekend’ on Twitter.

Writing on, the singer/producer posted up an expletive-laden rant inspired by a negative write-up by a journalist – although he has not revealed which review he is referring to.

It has been suspected that Harris was upset with Guardian writer Alexis Petridis’ review, which rated the album a two out of five.

However, when a fan asked on the site if this was the case, Harris replied, saying it wasn’t – but has since deleted the Tweet.

“Rich people’s kids getting good reviews because mummy fucked the journo in the ’80s,” suggested Harris. “Fuck the rich people’s kids with their jobs as runners on TV shows of their ‘club nights’. Fuck you, you’ve done nothing. Absolutely fuck-all.”

He went on to explain that the review had hit him hard, adding: “I can’t ignore it, sorry, but it does affect me, and it is hurtful, and I know that it’s [the album] exactly what I wanted it to be, and I’m proud of it.

“Imagine you just spent two years of your life making a record. On your own. Every single day, long hours, working to get it sounding right.

“Imagine the buzz of making something that you love, and after two years you finally have something you can’t wait for other people to hear. Then imagine that CD landing on the desk of ‘Snide Rich Person’s Kid’ or ‘Pathetic London Scene-Face’. Then them skipping through the tracks in their lunch break, and saying, “Well it’s Calvin Harris isn’t it? Two stars, he’s a dickhead.”

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‘Ready For The Weekend’ is released on Monday (August 17).