Calvin Harris isn’t happy with the Tories…

'I do not support nor condone happy songs being played at such a happy event'

Calvin Harris has hit out at the Conservative Party for playing his music at their conference without his approval.

During a conference riddled with mistakes, gaffes and embarrassment, Prime Minister Theresa May came on stage to Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ ‘This Is What You Came For’, while Florence + The Machine’s ‘You Got The Love’ was also played.

After Florence Welch took issue with the latter, now DJ megastar Harris has also taken online to protest.


“Conservative Party conference playing my song was no approved,” he Tweeted. “I do not support nor condone happy songs being played at such a sad event.”

He added: “Also, cough plus grey complexion suggest liver cleanse needed. Blood [probably] very dark – body trying to cleanse but lack of nutrients. Please Google.”

Yesterday, Welch shared her dismay at the use of her song – telling her followers: Today’s use of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ at the Conservative party conference was not approved by us nor would it have been had they asked. “If the Conservative party could refrain from using our music in future.”

Meanwhile, comedian Simon Brodkin – best known for his character Lee Nelson – interrupted a speech from May at the conference to give her a P45 form.

The form is usually given to employees upon their dismissal from a job. Brodkin could be heard shouting “Boris asked me to give this to you”, presumably in reference to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s rumoured upcoming challenge to her position as party leader.