Calvin Harris and Rita Ora end feud

The end of their relationship in 2014 led to a prolonged period where Ora was refused permission to perform songs she'd recorded with Harris

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora have reportedly ended their feud.

The two ended their relationship in June 2014, with Harris wishing “beautiful, talented” Ora “all the best.” However, the producer then reportedly placed a ban on the singer performing any of the songs they’d written together, including ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, as well as denying her permission to use any of their songs on her albums.

It has now been reported that Harris and Ora have finally ended their feud. A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Late last year they got in touch and sorted things out. It was such a relief to both of them that they could move on and put things behind them.


“At the end of the day they had a lot of good times together and it was sad that was tainted by how bitter the split was at times.”

Back in January, Ora spoke out after it was reported that she’d lost ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pounds after being stung by fraud, as well as for investing in a device that helps women to urinate at festivals.

Speaking about the device, Ora said: “It let you wee on the spot so you don’t lose your spot after waiting for live five hours. It fell through and it looked weird and I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered to do this, you know what, just wee on the floor.’ That is one of my worst investments. When women need to go we need to go, guys don’t have that problem when you need to go you just post up on the corner and let it go.”