Jon McClure claims Calvin Harris was ‘tipped upside down while having a poo’ in a portaloo

"It were like Dave Benson Phillips with shit".

Reverend & The Makers frontman Jon McClure has claimed that Calvin Harris was once tipped upside down while he had a poo in a festival portaloo.

The singer recounted the grim tale in an interview with This Feeling TV when he was asked the worst thing he had ever done.

He revealed how the pair both shared the bill at Yorkshire’s Bingley Festival in 2009 – with some harsh words being exchanged between the pair beforehand.


“I played Bingley Festival and Calvin Harris was playing before Calvin Harris morphed into a cheesy David Guetta-esque wanker”, he recalled.

“We’ve played and Calvin’s on after and we’ve had a bit of beef, me and Calvin. So I’m on stage and I’ve said something about Calvin and he’s seen me backstage and he’s looking at me and and I’ve looked at him.

“A few security guards have started laughing about me and Calvin’s beef and I’ve egged these security guards on – saying ‘yeah he’s a right wanker isn’t he’.

“He’s gone for a shit in this portaloo and I’ve left, it had nothing to do with me on my mother’s life, and the same security guards, while he was having a tom tit in the portaloo tipped him upside down.

“It were like Dave Benson Phillips with shit. It were awful.”


More recently, Calvin released Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 – featuring collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and Frank Ocean.