Camden Crawl kicks off with record label party

King Blues also take a swipe at the BNP

The Camden Crawl has kicked off in earnest with an event at The Crescent venue organised by the Fallout label.

The afternoon kicked off with a 35-minute, nine-track set from reggae outfit King Blues, which included the tracks ‘The Streets Are Ours’ and ‘The Sound Of Revolt’.

During the set, the band’s frontman Itch Fox took a swipe at the BNP.


He stated: “I love coming to Camden Town, because it’s one of the few towns where it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is.

“We have some towns like Camden which are being ruined by a couple of idiots. It’s time for this generation to stand against the BNP and chase the fuckers out of town.”

Later indie four-piece Select Dance Party played a short 20-minute set which included the track ‘Get It Right’.

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